Basic Concept Of Dialogue in Script Writing

Basic Concept Of Dialogue in Script Writing

Dialogue is regarded as the most important element in screenplay writing. As humans can not survive without food and water, a script can not survive without dialogue. A script without dialogue is not a script. In this article, the basic concept of dialogue in scriptwriting would be discussed.


The simple definition of dialogue is just the exchange of spoken words between two or more characters in a script. Dialogue is meant to move the story forward with the characters’ conversation.

 Dialogue can also be defined as the conversation between characters to bring development to the screenplay.

Many readers get the gists or the storyline through the dialogue because it simply tells and explains the reason for an action in the script. 


Dialogue contributes greatly to the development of the script. The following is the importance of dialogue in scriptwriting. 

  • It is one powerful tool writers use to convey information.
  • It is through dialogue we Identify a character.
  • Dialogue develops stories in the script.
  • Dialogue conveys the story’s mood or tone.

Among many others, the above is the importance of dialogue in a screenplay. A writer needs to know how to use an important tool to convey messages in the story. The writer must make sure the dialogue must connect because, at the end of the day, it is the dialogue and actions that will determine the outcome of a story.


According to the standard way of writing script, the dialogue must come after the character (which is written in upper cases). It is simply line(s) of words rendered by the character. Below is a written dialogue of a character. 

Basic Concept Of Dialogue in Script Writing

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