Best Screenplay software to use as an upcoming professional writer

Best Screenplay software to use as an upcoming professional writer

The world is dynamic, it changes every day, Technologically, the world is now advanced, making things easier. Writing Scriptwriting has changed compared to the works in the 90s. As a newbie in the world of scriptwriting you might be so confused as regards the screenplay format and structure but worry less because there are different scriptwriting software that has auto script format.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the different types of Softwares that were developed by different production companies. Here is some software you can get as a scriptwriter that will make your work easier and well-structured.

(Free Screenwriting Software)

Among the best scriptwriting software, Celtx stands out as one of the best scriptwriting software to start with as a beginner. It is simple with user-friendly features that will help you in your career as a screenplay writer.
Celtx with its development as expanded from being just scriptwriting software to a pre-production suite. As its user, you can get the software for free and then upgrade later to get better features from the suite. (which will cost you some money.)
Here are some of the free features

  • Easy shortcuts without cutting corners.
  • Cast details.
  • Free space to write a note; in case you have a new development for ideas.
  • Projects are automatically saved and are accessible from anywhere on the devices.

Among many others, these and some of the features of the software.
Personally, I started my career as a screenplay writer with celtx and I can recommend this software. Having this software will ease the general stress when writing scripts.

(Free Screenwriting Software)

Here is another good free software for screenplay writing, it has good installed packages and some components of screenplay such as;

  • Developing Content
  • Sync your script, breaking down the scene
  • casting, and so on.

In this software you can right as much as you want with unlimited pages on it.

(Free Screenwriting Software)

WriterDuet is another free software that provides you good hints and informations on how to develop or write a script. The little difference writerDuet has is that, it has littler production capabilities and packages rather it is more specialized in scriptwriting.
One of the good features that, in case if there is any need to collaborate with other writers, WriterDuet connects you easily to a suitable writer in the community, provided there is an internet connection.
Both WriterDuet and Celtx are great screenplay software for newbie or beginners who desires to develop movie script without the cost of screenwriting programs like Final Draft.

(Script Writing App)

Highland as a screenplay app has amazing features and components but not all are free. Highland Offers “in-app” purchase for premium tools and features.
The Premium Professional Package cost about $50 and now all the packages interest the writer.

(Script Writing Software)

Final Draft is popularly called “the industry standard” for scriptwriting software. Although Final Draft has amazing tools and features, however, it is not for free. The latest Final Daft software is about $250. They constantly update the software with new features which usually cost $50. Even with the cost, this one of the most widely used screenplay software, they provided useful information and hints from time to time.
Final Draft has been around for so long. Most production company uses this software.

(Free Screenwriting Software)

Final Draft is popularly called “the industry standard” well, Fade In with a magical move came in as a “new industry standard”. You might think there will be a competition between these two softwares. Well, Yes! there is.
With new and more efficient features Fade In is massively competing with Final Draft. Fade In is preferred by some people who don’t have to bend the routine of studios. Also, Fade In has less bugs, lot more features, and crashes less than its competitors.

Among many others, the above are some screenplay writing software that can help you as a beginner even as a professional in making sure you develop a good and amazing script.

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