Common Scriptwriting Errors Writers Make and Solution

Common Scriptwriting Errors Writers Make and Solution

Mistake in scriptwriting is inevitable for both upcoming scripter and veteran scripter but to be a good scriptwriter, there are some things that must be avoided during the course of writing. Nobody is above mistake even the best scriptwriters make mistakes, though it might be minimal compared to the newbies.

In scriptwriting, it is normal to make mistakes. What must develop is the habit of correcting these mistakes as soon as it is noticed. In this article, I’ll be discussing some common mistakes among scriptwriters and the solution to them.

Poor Script Formating

This is one of the most common mistakes among amateur writers. There are standard and well-structured script formats and this should be the primary objective of writers while writing. Writers are like bricklayers whose work is to put bricks together to form a good construction, Putting wrong bricks will definitely affect the building as a whole; poor script formatting will definitely affect the script structure as a whole. In a script where A is required, B should not be there.

Solution: There are lots of scriptwriting software that comes with automatic script format which however makes it easy for even newbie to make a good format. But those without the general knowledge of scriptwriting format always fall into this trap. Therefore writer should know the standard format of scriptwriting.

Spelling Errors and Grammatical Blunders

Writers should be mindful of this common mistake. Do not rely on the word corrector on your device before you can construct good sentences or words. When writing, be very conscious of the word you write and their spellings. The mistake is common among both amateur and veteran writers.

Solution: As a writer, no matter your level of professionalism, you must learn to always proofread because there will always be a place in your literary piece where there is an error. You can only try as much as possible not to make many mistakes but I can assure you, no matter how good you are, there will always be a mistake in your script. Always proofread. The more you proofread, the more you spot mistakes, the less you have mistakes in your script.

Forget Significant and Important Storyline

The essence of your writing is putting down what you have in mind. Most writer tends to forget some important storyline that will bring massive development to the script and as a result of this, the story becomes boring.

Solution: Writer down whatever you have in mind. It is important to take note of anything you have in mind. This will help in developing your amazing story.

Not Proofreading before Submission

Most writers tend to be lazy to reread their literary pieces. Writing a script of 100 pages without making a mistake is impossible!  Proofreading is one important thing that makes up a standard script. Most writers are lazy to reread what they’ve written.

Solution: Reread! You have to go over what you’ve written again. Learn the habit of rereading your script before putting it up for submission.

Feeling Lazy to Continue Writing

This is one disease that falls on most scriptwriters at the early stage of writing. Yes! Sitting down for hours trying to figure out what to write can be stressful sometimes which discourages most writers at their early stage to continue writing hereby leaving their work unfinished.

Solution: Write! Always write! No matter how tired you have, develop this habit of always writing no matter the condition. Make writing your hubby.

Among others, the above are mistakes commonly made by scriptwriters. To improve in scriptwriting skills, writers should try and avoid these mistakes and adhere to the solution

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