Concept of scene setting in scriptwriting

Concept of scene-setting in scriptwriting

Before the commencement of movie production, there must be a place where the scene will occur. The name of the place is the scene setting. This is one important part of scriptwriting and movie production. In this article, the concept of scene-setting will be discussed.


This is an element in the script. Scene setting is an organized or arranged place and time set aside for movie production. This is the when and where of a movie production whereby characters interact.

Characteristics of A Settings

  • Place This is the where in the script. It describes where the actions is taking place. The place in the script appears in the slugline at the beginning of every scene.
  • Time. This is the when in the script. It describes the time of the day the scene is taking place. This give clearer insight to the time of production. It usually comes at the final part of the slugline.

Setting Communication

There are different ways writers can communicate settings in the script. Setting communication makes it easier for the reader to decode and visualize a particular setting in the script. The idea of setting communication is important which can be in two categories.

  • Setting communication through the description line:- It is important for a writer to communicates the settings through the description. In this way, the writer describes the physical and noticeable things that are of great importance and can also contribute positively to the script. In writing this, it gives the reader a visual picture of where the scene will take place. Below is an example of setting communication through the description line.
  • Setting communication through dialogue:- Writers can use characters to communicate the setting in the script through dialogue. This category of setting communication is used through a speaking character. In this case during the conversation, the character can be saying something about the physical setting which will give the reader hints about the setting. For example.

How to Write a Scene Setting

Scene setting is simply written in the slugline which tells if the scene will be inside (INT.) or outside (EXT.). It will give the reader a straight picture of where the scene will take place. The physical content that is significant to the scene can be slightly emphasized in the description/action lines. In a situation where the scene-setting is changed, there is a great need to signify it in the slugline.

Setting which is one of the most important aspects of film production must be determined by the writer in the script. There is a great need that the writer needs to understand the fundamental of scene settings because it is through the scene setting the director or the filmmaker will be able to actualize it into the movie.

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