Essential Character Fundamentals in Scriptwriting

Essential Character Fundamentals in Scriptwriting

Script as the mother of every movie production needs some components and elements to be put together to make it a complete movie script. For example, master scene heading, description, Action, Character, Dialogue, and so on.

In this article, character fundamentals in scriptwriting shall be discussed. Characters, as one of the most important elements in scriptwriting, carry out the written information (dialogue) or actions in the script. Characters in scriptwriting are so important that without a character there can never be a script.

What is a character?

A character is a person who carries out the written action and information in a movie script.

A character can also be said to be the main content the makes up a movie script.

As we have in the movie industry today, there are many veteran actors the likes of Ramsey Nouah, Jim Iyke, Odunlade Adekola, Funke Akindele, Richard Mofe-Damijo Genevieve Nnaji, Kunle Afolayan Femi Adebayo, Toyin Abraham, Lateef Adedemeji, among many others. These actors are the ones who carry out the character role (action and dialogue) in the script. Characters are the ones who interpret the dialogue. They are called the mouthpiece of the script.

Feature of A character.

Below are some features of a character.

  • Character acts.
  • Character passes the information through written dialogue.
  • Brings out the mental picture into reality.


Quality of a character

It is important for a character to have the following essential qualities. Characters loose focus due to the lack of these qualities stated above.

  • Character must have a very sturdy and good dramatic need.
  • Character should posses a personal point of view.
  • A  character must be ready to change mood at any point in time.

As a scriptwriter, you must be very careful about the task or role you give your character so as not to cause slip up in the script. Developing a character in the script is easy but when it comes to given a role (dialogue and actions) writers have to be careful so as not to miss the flow of the storyline. This is an important aspect of character fundamentals in scriptwriting

Character element,  according to the standard way of writing, comes after the action in the script and then dialogue follows which are expected to be rendered by the character. It is the primary role of a character to act according to the script and the instructions given by the movie director.

Characters add more pleasure to the movie by body movements, gestures, and the tone of their speech. Ordinarily, when reading a script there won’t be a satisfying excitement compared to physical actions until characters perform their primary role of action. By this, Actors tend to show their talents by adding sweetness to the movie.

Essential Character Fundamentals in Scriptwriting

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