Best Free or Affordable Script Writing Classes Writers can Enroll for

Free or Affordable Scriptwriting Classes Writers can Enroll for

For the newbie or aspiring writers learning how to write a standard script may be challenging because of the little knowledge about it. Things we all know are extracted from a particular source and as individuals, we all are learners no matter the level of intelligence there is still something you don’t know out there.

In the movie industry, there are different classes the help and support every single genre of the level of movie production but sometimes these classes for beginners, intermediate, or veterans can be expensive, time-consuming, and demanding which may be a problem to some writers. In the course of finding a solution to this, writers can check the internet for classes that are free or affordable that they on benefit from they are sometimes confused about the to enroll for.

Below are the best free or Affordable classes scriptwriters can enroll for.

Affordable Classes

  • Beginner script writing made easy

This is a class on the top learning platform called Udemy that takes learners through the basics and principles of scriptwriting. The instructor is knowledgeable and can come down to the level of the learner. The class as a whole takes about 3 hours. And at the end of the class learner would gain knowledge about the basics of scriptwriting.

Fee: The enrollment fee is $19.99

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  • ScreenWriting Masterclass: A complelte guide to screenwriting

This is an advanced masterclass tutorial that is hosted by skillshare to teach learn advanced topics on scriptwriting. The tutorial is top-notch compared to some others that only teaches the basic. For beginners, the class is easy to follow but it is also for the advanced learner.

Fee: Skillshare allows learners to enroll for free on trial till it expires users will have to upgrade.  The premium Upgrading plan is  $99 Per year; $19 per month. 

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  • Shonda Rhimes Writing Masterclass

This is one of the great online masterclasses that teaches learners and helps them attain a great level of professionalism in writing. The aim of this course is to develop those writing for television. For writers who are interested in television writing, this is a major class to enroll in.

Fee: To enroll for this course is $15 per month.

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Free  Classes

  • An Introduction to Scriptwriting

This is scriptwriting 101 for writers. This class opens the writer’s memory to the concept of script writing starting from the introduction. This class is best for aspiring writers who really want to have knowledge of scriptwriting before going into it. This program is offered by the University of East Anglia. This will give the writer the opportunity to explore the concept of scriptwriting. The enrollment is free.

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Writing the Short with John Warren

Writing the short with John Warren This online class is one of the best classes created to help the beginner and is hosted by an NYU film professor in the person of John Warren to teach young scriptwriters for free. It is a five weeks course designed to help the learner produce a script within this period.

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The above is free and affordable scriptwriting classes writers can enroll in to help know more a lot about scriptwriting or give a better understanding.

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