Here are important things writers should know about Intercut in Script

Here are important things writers should know about Intercut in Script

In a script where there are happenings, activities, scenes, and so on; for more transparency, a writer will always want to make what is happening here and there visible to the reader at the same time. The question is how will the writer do it perfectly? A unique technique writers can use is INTERCUT.


This is when a scene switches from one scene to another at the same time range. It is simply the changing of scene location from one place to another at the same time for more transparency. When two scenes meets at the same time is the script technique used in that situation is Intercut. This technique can be used in different ways, such as; phone call scene, text scene, action scene.

Writers with less experience will rather write scene heading over and over again just to switch or alternates from one scene to another. This technique is simply the shortcut that makes it easy to switch from one scene to another to give more information to the reader.


The following are the use and benefit of intercutting in a script.

  • In an action script, it is used to increase the play tension
  • It  is used to skip over less important segments in the play.
  • By skipping headlines, it makes the script readable.
  • It shows transparency in the script.


The following are the acceptable methods of inserting intercut into a script.

  1. Intercut Using Character Name
  2. Intercut Using Master Scene Head
  3. Intercut Using Conversation


In script, there is need to make good arrangement of how you want the scene to be and where the intercut will fit in to. In this process, you need to clearly outline what you want to intercut and how. Basically, there are two ways an intercut can be used which will be discussed.

Below is the step-by-step process of intercut format.

First Scene

  • Write the scene heading
  • In the action line, write little description.
  • Write the Character’s name and also dialogue of the character.

Second Scene

  • Follow the same steps as the first scene.

After creating the two scenes, insert INTERCUT at the left side of the page with the character names e.g INTERCUT BETWEEN DANNY AND OLA or INTERCUT

Here are important things writers should know about Intercut in Script

Another format of intercut is having both locations under one slugline. In this format, the word “INTERCUT ” comes at the end of the slugline. This format is sometimes used in a phone call scene.

Here are important things writers should know about Intercut in Script

Writers can use the above-intercut formats based on what they need it for. But first, it is important that writers should know the kind of message they are passing out before the use of intercut

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