Here Are Some Important Rules Guiding Action Lines In Script

In Every literary piece as a writer, one must follow rules. Rules are pieces of advice about the best way to do something. Many writers forfeit their love for writing because of its rules. In a script, there are many rules guiding its elements or components. Here are some important rules guiding action lines in scripts.

Action lines is one of the most important elements in scriptwriting where actions are simply described. Actions that are described in this section must be described visually. Here are some important rules guiding action lines in scripts. Read them below for a clear understanding.

1. All Paragraphs in Action Lines Must not be More than 3 Lines:

Writers sometimes find it hard to keep to this rule. To be a professional writer it is important to follow the rules of not writing more than 3 lines per paragraph. To be able to produce a professional script, this is one rule scripters must follow per paragraph, whatever you’re going to write, write them in less than 3 lines or at most 3 lines. Don’t waste time describing the action excessively. And remember to write in the present tense.

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2. In the Action lines, Write What We can See or Hear:

In the action lines, the writer must write what is physically noticeable, or what we can hear over the screen. This will bring out professionalism in a script. Writers must strictly obey the rule of writing action lines by writing what we can physically see or hear, Nothing more.

3. The Use of Camera Direction is Prohibited:

This is one rule writers must always follow for their work to be well appreciated. Directors hate it when script tells the camera direction, it implies you are telling them how to do their job which most really hates. It shows how unprofessional the literary piece is which hereby makes them lose interest in it. Actor also hate the use of camera direction because it tell them how to act and position themselves which is not professional in their field. As a writer, never use camera direction in any script.

The above are the important rules guiding the action line. Writers should strictly adhere to it. It helps increase the level of professionalism.

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