Here is What You Need to Know About Subtitle in Script

Here is What You Need to Know About Subtitle in Script

There is a great need for subtitles in a movie when actors speak a foreign language or the language local audience don’t understand which scriptwriter should have a proper way of inserting them. Lots writers find it difficult to insert subtitle when neccesary because they have no idea if it. In this article, the standard way to insert subtitles in a script.

Definition of Subtitle and Its Function

The subtitle is a caption that is usually, shown below the television screen or cinema that serves the purpose of interpreting the spoken language by the actors in the movie. The subtitle comes when the character or actors speaks different languages apart from the recommended language. A character who follows the scripted dialogue and action written by the scriptwriter might speak a strange or foreign language in the movie without subtitles, the audience or viewer might get lost because of the foreign language which will disconnect the flow.

Subtitle helps keep and connection and the flow of the story melody from the television screen to the audience. Upcoming writers usually encounter problems with how to indicate subtitles in their scripts.  Subtitle can also serve as a connection between deaf audiences and the movie. In a situation where audiences who are deaf or don’t have the ability to hear clearly but are willing to watch a movie, the subtitle is the tool that is used to pass information to them. The audience can use subtitles as a tool to decode the message that is being passed by the actor on the screen.

How To Insert Subtitle in a Script

The most common mistake writers make when inserting subtitles is adding “Subtitled”  to every single dialogue written in a foreign language. Below is an example.

Here is What You Need to Know About Subtitle in Script

If in a script, more lines are written in a different language spoken, for example in a whole scene the language spoken is a foreign language, the writer should indicate the language the character is peaking and and “Subtitled” in the action line at the beginning of the scene and End subtitle at the end of the character stooped speaking in a foreign language. Below is an example.

If a character is saying a foreign language but in one or two lines, then the language spoken and subtitle should be written in the character description. Below is an example. 


In conclusion, inserting subtitles when necessary increases the skill level of a writer. This will enable the audience to flow with the movie on the screen.

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