Learn to Write an Amazing Movie Script Using More than One Protagonist

Learn to Write an Amazing Movie Script Using More than One Protagonist

In the modern way of writing script, there are many writers who use two or more protagonists to write an amazing script that is presentable to a movie production company. In this article, ways of using two or more protagonists in a script shall be discussed.

What Is a Protagonist?

A protagonist in a script is a major character that the writer uses to create conflict or competition with the aim of developing the script. A protagonist use mostly used to move the story forward by involving in an action that will capture the attention of the audience. The audience follows this character closely because they are the main character that is involved in various activities in the script.

The Following are Ways Writers can use Multiple Protagonists in a Script


This is a process in which the writer creates multiple characters with the same goals and objectives. These characters develop the story by working hand in hand and keeping up the flow between them. This is common among romantic, comedies, action, and many more genres of movies where two or more major characters work together chasing the same goals and objectives.

Dual Protagonists

This is when in a script, two or more character with their uniqueness develops the story but with a different goal. The goal of the first character will be different from that of the second character yet they develop the story. The audience pays attention to them to know the outcome of their actions or their contributions to the story. The choice these characters make determines the result of the story. This can also be found in comedies, romantic, actions, and other genres of movies.

Emsemble Narrative

This is another way of using multiple characters. This is used for group of characters who are probably friends, family coming together to reunite for events, celebrations and so on.

As a writer, to bring this best out of these characters or for the best result simply “Give them the same goal but do not make them the same person”. Giving them the same goals brings about unison in the story. This will enhance the protagonists to work hand in hand to achieve a common goal. But to e able to achieve this, these protagonists should not be the same- in their trait, character, and how they act. This will interest the audience to know how these characters will be able to attain that goal with different characters.

Using multiple characters can be an easy approach to explore different sides in the story this will make the play more understanding and transparent to the audience. This will gives room for creativity whereby the writer can show the writing skills in the play.

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