Standard format of Writing a Text Message in a Movie Script

Standard format of Writing a Text Message in a Movie Script

Apart from a phone call, text message is another way characters communicate faster with each other. This is another modernized way writers use to pass information across to another character and to the audience. This way of communication has become popular in the scriptwriting world.

A lot of scripters have little or no knowledge on how to format a good and standard text message in the script which might hinder the free flow of communication in the script. For a writer to write a text message in a standard form, there are two rules that must be followed.

  • Writer must be certain
  • Writer must be consistent

These two rules must also be applied to every component in scriptwriting. The writer has to be certain and consistent to attain a level of perfection.

Formatting text  message via description

Indicating text message in the description line. This can be written in two methods. The first method is indicating all the actions and the text in the description line. This method can only be used in the short text is red or shown rather than numerous texts or conversations via text message.

Another method that can be used is when there is an indication of a device and text message. This method is different from the first method because there will be an indication of a character’s device e.g Phone (All in Caps )  It is useful tool writers use to communicate. This will indicate a message is being communicated. Below is an example.

Standard format of Writing a Text Message in a Movie Script

How to format text as dialogue

Another way to insert a text message as a writer via dialogue is by following the standard dialogue blocks as far as the writer indicates that message is being passed. Also, text messages in dialogue can be italicized, this will indicate that text is a text message provided there is an indication in the action line.

As it is important that the use of text messages in scriptwriting pass information from one character to the other, as well as the audience and text message, gives room for easy flow of scenes in the script, by indicating what is about to happen or what has happened in the script. As mentioned above, there are various ways of sending text messages. A writer can choose any format that is easy and convenient.

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