Tips on Character Introduction and Description in Scriptwriting

Tips on Character Introduction and Description in Scriptwriting

To bring the best out of the character, a scriptwriter must have good taste when it comes to character introduction and other character attributes (traits). Some Character tends to fall on the wrong lane hereby, neglecting their trait, this is as a result of the uninterest character introduction.

Character introduction is important because it gives more information on the character name, character age range, character traits, and so on. It is important to have a rich taste of character introduction and description in your script.

Character Introduction and Description

This is one of the important elements in scriptwriting that requires a good level of professionalism in its format, styles, and so on. As a writer, character introduction and description is one of the best ways to tell the reader who the character is, its traits, skills, and so on. In character introduction, it is advisable for writers to use the K.I.S.S formula.

K – Keep

I – It

S – Short and

S – Simple

Tips on Character Introduction and Description in Scriptwriting


Introducing the character for the first time, the following is the standard procedure to follow to develop a professional character introduction and description.

  1. Character name (upper cases.)
  2. Age range.
  3. Traits

Character name (Upper Case): In character introduction, the character name is the first thing a scripter must write which must be in Upper case. This will tell the reader the name of the character, giving some information about him. For Example. If as a writer I name a character SENATOR WILLIAM, the name already tells the reader the character is a male, he’s wealthy, he is a politician, and so on.

Age Range: Following the standard format, the Age range of the character should follow the character’s name. This will tell if the character is old or young. For example, the Age range of SENATOR WILLIAM, 63.

Trait: After the age range, the character trait is on an important component that should follow, this tells the reader the exact kind of person the character is. In writing a character’s trait, one must learn to summarise words so as to avoid excessive description. For example SENATOR WILLIAM, 63, a wealthy but arrogant and proud politician.

Below is a simple and standard way of introducing a character.

SENATOR WILLIAM, 63, a wealthy but arrogant and proud politician stands near his car with a suitcase…

The above is an example of character introduction and description. Remember, As a writer, you need to write visually, Take advantage of the character introductions to add style and insight to it.

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