to be a professional screenplay writer, here are some easy principles to follow

to be a professional screenplay writer, here are some easy principles to follow

Every successful scriptwriter follows principles, this guides them on what to do and how to do it, which is what makes them professionals, and their works in the industry are quite noticeable and commendable.

A principle is a moral rule or belief that helps an individual know what is right and wrong and that influences the actions of an individual. As it is important to have principles in our ways of life so it is important to also have them in our line of works.

Starting your journey as a screenplay writer, here are some principles you need to follow to survive as a writer also this will make you look more professional than you think you are.

  • Always Write.
  • Write Passionately.
  • Make the internet your friend.
  • Set a time target.

To explain in full details,

Write Always: Another important principle an individual needs to know is the habit of continuous writing. Writing always increases one’s ability and makes the person more proficient in writing. In case you have something in mind to put together and you are in a place where you can’t write the best way at that moment is to jot them down. Jotting will refresh your memory about the particular topic later on when you’re free to write.

Write Passionately: Generally, things done passionately are things done well. Writers who do not write passionately easily lose interest in writing. Writing passionately is one good and important principle a screenplay writer should follow. Many Popular veteran screenplay writers we have in the industry today, achieve their goals as a result of writing passionately. As a potential scripter writing passionately brings the professionalism attribute in a literary piece.

Make the internet your friend: All the things we know today, we all extracted them from a particular source, either Informal or formal. There are times when you get confused about a particular thing or you have zero knowledge about it, always check the internet for a preferable solution. As they say, “Internet is the Answer to your Questions.”

The internet is for everybody where we extract information. For example; You came across this blog as a result of the internet functionalities, you know easy tips on how to be a professional writer because you checked the internet. Imagine many amazing things you would have known if you make the internet your friend. Whenever you’re confused or whenever you have little or zero knowledge about a particular thing, feel free to visit the internet.

Set a Time Target: Setting a time target is very important as a potential scriptwriter. One of many reasons lots of contemporary writers have failed to develop a full and complete script is simply because they feel it’s taking a very long time to complete a full script which as time goes on they feel lazy to continue which makes them lose interest easily. Myself as an example, my first script took me approximately ten months to complete it and it is my worse ever written script.

As a screenplay writer, according to your daily activities, you need to set a time target to develop your script. For example; Within 2 months, Using 4 hours daily, you should be at have completed a script. Setting your target will encourage you to write continuously so as to meet up the target.

Inconclusion, the above are the important principles to follow as a writer, these will keep you up and running. Following these principles make it very easy for a writer who is so committed. Don’t be scared your first screenplay is going to be fairly poor, it happens. Before I became a professional screenplay writer, I wrote many poorly constructed screenplays simply because I have just a little knowledge about it, which is what will happen to every upcoming screenplay writer but with consistency and dedication, you will be a professional screenplay writer in no time.

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