To be a Professional Scriptwriter, Here are Some Stages You Must Experience

To be a Professional Scriptwriter, Here are Some Stages You Must Experience

Writing a movie script can be interesting, frustrating, fascinating, and so on depending on the writer’s level of motivation to writing. Inspiration drives writers to go into scriptwriting, motivation drives them to keep on the writing pace. There are four basic stages every writer must pass through to have a successful writing experience.

These stages determine the process the level of professionalism in all writers. For a good result in your writing ability, one must pass through these stages. Both Amateur and veteran writers must pass through these stages before they put their scripts up for sale or for production.

The following are Four Basic stages of scriptwriting

  • Discovery
  • Drafting
  • Reviewing
  • Copyediting


This is the first stage all writers must pass through. In this stage, the writer gets the inspiration and the idea of what you are going to write. Before any script is being written, there must be an inspiration and Idea that will drive the writer to proceed to the drafting stage.  . In this stage, writers brainstorm for interesting facts that can bring development to the story.

A writer should always be prepared for this stage because an idea can just come at any point in time so it is advisable to take any writing material along wherever you might find yourself or another easy way is the use of a mobile phone to write down the idea. Idea comes and goes it is the writer’s responsibility to hold down the idea that comes into one’s mind.


This stage is of great importance to scriptwriting. This is also known as the “writing” stage. In this stage, writers put their skills and creativity into writing. After gathering the materials, facts that will help in the development of the script, the writer must then put all these facts together and start drafting. At this stage, writers simply write according to the standard format of writing. No matter the kind of story, every story must follow the standard format of writing script. In this stage, writers should try as much as possible to avoid spelling errors, punctuation errors, and poor formatting.


This stage is the transformation or rewriting stage. It involves reviewing and rewriting the script and correcting the mistakes made in the drafting stage. During the drafting staging, writers tend to omit or ignore some mistakes made to be able to meet up the time target. In this stage the writer rewrites the whole script retracing the story from the start and also correcting the errors. Correcting errors made in the course of writing improves the level of professionalism in the script, and it makes it look more presentable. A writer should carefully review the script before heading to the next stage.


This is the last stage every writer passes through. In this stage, the writer will have a scrutiny review of the whole script by reading it. Reading it out makes it easier to spot any mistake. At this point, writers can give a self remark on their literary work. Any correct any punctuation spelling errors or any errors that are noticed during the course of reading.

To successfully write a movie script all these stages are important stages a writer must pass through. This will increase the writing skills and the ability of the writer.

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